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Light Duty Tow Body
Standard est. cost
no compartments $1100-2200
w/1 compartment per side $2800-3500
(pricing per set of sides)
Product Info

Our Light Duty Tow Body is fabricated from welded 1/2" thick co-polypropylene sheet, which can be painted just as any other automotive plastic component.  The standard material is natural, which is an off white color, but black is available.  All compartment doors are fitted with automotive grade door seals and you can choose from three door handle styles and two latch designs.  All of our body designs incorporate an indirect vent / drain system to help keep your equipment dry.  Fill in the data sheet from the link below with your specific sizes and email it to us for an exact quote.  If you prefer, fill it in and give us a call.  We will review it with you and give you a quote.  All of our bodies are custom designed to your specific requirements.



Shipping Info


Light Duty body sides are generally shipped via freight / common carrier due to their size.  Once your order is ready to go into production, you will receive the actual shipping cost.  If you purchased other items, all your purchases will ship together to reduce the freight cost, unless you request otherwise. The shipping amount charged at check out will be deducted from the new freight cost.   If you arrange your own freight, the shipping charge will be refunded.




How do I paint it?


The parts to be painted must be prepared like any other surface, but need to be cleaned with a degreaser that works with your paint system.  For best results the degreaser should be applied both before and after sanding.  The paint system should be designed for use with automotive plastics, which includes an elastomer and a UV inhibitor.


Can I use my existing light bridge or bar?


Yes, if it is a bolt-on part.  You will need to provide the bolt hole locations, so that we can provide the proper structural support.


Do you still have questions?  Please give us a call or send us an email.

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